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Human bodies are filled with toxic elements that need to be flushed out naturally to remain healthy. Toxics are not only physical components but mental elements as well. Opting the right detoxification process is the way to get to the right path of enlightenment. Panchakarma is among the most effective and far-famed detoxification processes of the body. Ayurveda has given innumerable things to humans, and Panchakarma is no different. It is an ayurvedic technique that can help in enhancing physical as well as mental health. Panchakarma is an ancient technique that includes several herbal remedies making it highly effective.YogMantrana has brought this ancient practice into the spotlight to allow aspirants to take advantage of ancient art with Certified Yoga instructors.

Why Go for Panchakarma Therapy?

Natural Detoxification
Being fit and healthy is the greatest gift that one can possess. Being unfit will not only invite tons of problems but also make loved ones suffer immense pain and grief. Not to forget the suffering caused by health aids itself. Working several hours in a day, poor diet, and lack of attentiveness towards body parts can become a slow poison that attacks the body from the inside. All these toxins can be eradicated from the body with Panchakarma therapy. Being effective for a long time, Panchakarma is proven to reverse the tearing of the body tissues and prevent the possibilities of hazardous diseases that can cause a threat to life.

Dosha Balancing
Ayurveda has mentioned Doshas as a significant factor in affecting the overall body. Kapha, Vata, and Pitta are the three doshas. Imbalance in these can result in poor health and sometimes unexpected behavior from the body. Panchakarma can bring balance to these Dosha, which allows the body to behave naturally.

Methods of Performing Panchakarma

As per Ayurveda, there are five methods of Panchakarma that can detoxify the entire body.

Virechanam or Purgation
Toxins are present in several parts of the body. In Virechanam, the toxins are cleared via bowels. With the help of Ayurvedic medicines, a person can excrete the impurities that clear the intestines.

Vamanam or Vomiting
Vamanam is among the most important parts of Panchakarma. Being performed by highly experienced therapists, this method is known to reduce Kapha from the body. Kapha is responsible for several breathing or lung-related diseases. With this therapy, Kapha is eradicated via the mouth, reducing the possibility of breathing issues.

In this part, the treatment of diseases is done with a mixture of several ayurvedic medicines in the rectum. The herbal medicines can provide relief from issues like kidney stones, backaches, and other dominant issues.

Anuvasan uses oil treatment to treat ailments like anemia, diabetes, and obesity. Practicing anuvasan is relieving for people with paralysis, arthritis, and urinary disorders.

In this medication, the person inhales natural oils via nostrils, which can eliminate several impurities in the sinus, nose, and surrounding areas. During inhaling, the person is massaged by a professional masseur simultaneously, ensuring high effectiveness of the treatment. The right amount of herbal medicines plays a significant role in Nasyam. The overall treatment is beneficial for migraine, chest congestion, and sinusitis.