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Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

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What is Sound therapy?

Our life is a mix of audio and visuals, as both play a significant role in our survival. As both of them are essential, it is necessary to respect and make the best use of them for the betterment of the world. Sometimes people face certain issues that cannot be treated with ordinary methods. However, for such situations, there is sound therapy. As the name suggests, sound therapy uses sound waves to heal the person from different conditions and disorders, ensuring their better health.

Many people may ignore the importance of sound, but some people are aware of its power. Sound or music can have a major impact on the overall mood of the person. Loud and high paced music may cheer the person, whereas slow music can support the low mood. The type of sound is a narrower term, but the sound waves are its leader. Different types of sound waves create a different impact on the person.

Sound healing is based on the same principles and uses external vibrations on the body to bring positive changes. Sometimes the body cells can go out of their frequency, and sound healing can reverse the damage and bring them back to their original frequency. You can practice and master this ancient art with the help of certified and experienced instructors at YogMantrana. For further query, please reach us out.

Disorders in Which Sound Healing Can Help

Depression is the deadliest disease of them all, which claims thousands of lives every year. With the help of the right sound waves, the patient can recover from their negative thoughts and can accept the positive change in their life.

Stress Management
Stress is something that the majority of people face. Though there can be several causes of stress, the solution can be sound healing. Sound waves can deviate the person’s mind from the stressful activities allowing them to broaden their mind and ensure a better outcome of their work. Insomnia Insomnia is a situation where people are unable to sleep. Being directly related to mental health, insomnia can cause damage to the overall body. With the help of sound therapy, an insomniac person can relax their mind so that they can get some rest and treat their sleeping disorder.

Ways of Sound Healing

Not any sound can be used for healing. There are different types of sounds that can trigger healing in the body, which are mentioned below.

Voice is something that feels connected to the listener, and they can understand the motive behind it subconsciously. Humming is one of the most effective ways to bring positive energy to the body. In addition to that, chants and prayers in the right way can also be a part of voice healing.

Drums are loud, but they can grab the attention of the people without causing any discomfort. The reason behind this is that they can connect with the brainwave frequencies and can cause better relaxation.

When it comes to the oldest way of sound healing, then using gongs surely is a part of it. The vibration caused by sound waves caused by gong in a specific pattern can relax muscles, and boost mental health as well.